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All aboard the Mobile University

Posted on September 30th 2017 in Blog, Events, News

On Friday the 22nd of September the SpermNMR team, represented by Sarah attended the Mobile University on the Moor in Sheffield.

The Mobile University gets researchers from all across the University of Sheffield to give talks at the top of a double decker bus, which are also broadcasted out to shoppers on the Moor. Sarah’s talk involved a lot of interaction — such as guessing what percentage of sperm look normal and as such are likely to be able to reach the egg. It’s not as high as you would think.

Have a minute and make a guess, what percentage (out of 100%) of sperm in a typical sample look normal…

Sarah about to conduct an interactive event on sperm research with the people of Sheffield

It turns out the answer is that only 9% of sperm in a healthy sample look normal and are likely to be suitable to reach the egg.

Sarah had a lot of good feedback from the event as the people attending seemed to enjoy it and had a lot of assumptions challenged about male fertility. Although some people did laugh when the word ‘ejaculate’ was broadcast out across Moor Market.

Thank you very much for coming, and if anyone is interested in more of our public engagement pay attention to our twitter @SpermNMR for more information!