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“Festival of the Mind”- by Sarah

Posted on October 6th 2016 in Blog, Events, News

Our department at the University of Sheffield has had the pleasure of working with artist, Kate Sully. She has created some pieces exploring fertility and our research into infertility that were displayed in the Bank Street art gallery as part of the Festival of the Mind. As well as this there was a question and answer session between members of the public, Kate, Allan from our team and Sophia, a PhD student who does research on how eggs mature and are released in women. The question and answer session became very active towards the end as art materials were handed out and audience members were encourage to work on their own pieces exploring their own relationship with fertility or infertility. The art displayed at the Bank street art gallery explored how connections and links are needed for successful fertility and how it only takes one link to be broken to cause infertility, even if all the rest of the pieces are there. A favourite part was a large sperm piece with multiple tails providing a good starting point for discussions about male fertility.

Sperm focused art by Kate Sully


Sarah was also involved with an event at the Moor markets chatting to people about the research we do and make people more aware of issues with fertility which might affect them, friends or family. This was a challenging event as our research can be of a sensitive nature. We believe it is very important for the public to be aware of issues surrounding fertility and to break down taboos that surround aspects of sex, genitalia, pregnancy, periods and infertility. Events like these help make it easier for people of all backgrounds to talk about reproduction and to ensure good knowledge of the subject is being shared.


Sarah at the Moor Market making awkward conversations more approachable.