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Latest Team Update

Posted on July 27th 2017 in Blog, News

Over the last year we have also been training 4 MSc students and over July and August 2 SURE Summer internship students!

Along with Allan, Mari, Martyn, Nurul, Sarah and Steve that makes our group 12 people at the moment so the meeting room gets very busy! Although it is nice to be part of a dynamic team.

Here’s a snapshot from our last meeting:

Team members in photo:

Top row- Allan Pacey (Prof), Mari Herigstad (post-doc), Georgina Paparistodemou( MSc), Taryn Fitch (MSc), Megan Atkinson (MSc), Steven Reynolds (Research Fellow)

Second row- Sarah Calvert (Post-doc), Chandler Bray (SURE), Zoe Atta-Saow (SURE), Nurul Fadhlina Ismail (PhD), Irjuwan Naser Aldeen(MSc)